Month: April 2019

New Make-up, New You

Cosmetics such as make up usually have an expiry date and using them after this time can have risks to your health. This applies to the Benefit makeup brand and many others. If you are [..]

Exercises for the back muscles

One should not focus solely on which exercises are the best and most effective for pumping back muscle groups. It is recommended to pay no less attention to the expected results. Some athletes want to [..]

Eyelash Lifting: The Perfect No-Fuss Eye Routine

Beauty counters are filled with selections to give you the perfect lashes. Multiple brands of mascaras promise to lengthen, darken and add fullness to everyday lashes. For those looking for more long-lasting options, they can [..]

When Roles Change: Supporting Aging Loved Ones

As your parents, grandparents or other loved ones grow older, roles and responsibilities shift for the entire family unit involved. Who was once the caregiver is now the receiver, sometimes at a rapid and unexpected [..]

Big data security

Big data security analysis: how it works

Currently, there are more than 26 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet. These have created larger cracks that increase the risk of cyber attack, a threat that can be controlled by big data security [..]