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7 Ways to decorate the walls of your house

Decorating the walls of your house can be a fun, simple, economical and original task. You should not spend a fortune, you’ll see, and you ‘ll have a magical place that changes the aesthetics of an entire environment.

We will leave aside the classic paintings in golden baroque frames, and we will give you the 7 best ideas to decorate the walls that no one told you about. Continue reading “7 Ways to decorate the walls of your house”

The advantages of moving membership renewal online

Managing your annual membership renewal is not a job most businesses relish. The time commitment and staff burden often puts many small businesses into shutdown, while making even a few small mistakes can mean a huge fall-out rate. For these reasons and many more, UK organisations and companies are now mostly making this an online task. Let’s look at how investing in an online membership renewal system can deliver real benefits.

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Getting the timing right

Most small businesses and membership organisations start their annual membership renewal process one or two months before the payment is due. Any more time spent on this process would be ludicrous; however, most members don’t renew on the first prompt.

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Studies show that most members require a minimum of two prompts, with some only renewing after the third. Sending these out manually as emails is time-consuming, while updating a database to see who has responded is a lot of work. This means that with a one-month window, many people simply do not renew.

A dedicated page

If you use a system from a provider such as, you can create a dedicated membership renewal URL link to give to your members. Rather than asking members to renew and leaving them to find their way around online or having to call you, they can self-complete. With a dedicated page, members can also bookmark it for future reference; for example, if they intend to renew but then exit the process because their credit card is in the other room, they can come back to it later.

Managing and using up-to-date data

Membership management systems only work when the data they use is correct and available to use across all channels. If it belongs to just one administrator who guards it with their life, it doesn’t matter how well cared for your database is. Offering online customer account logins to members means they can see when their renewals are due themselves. If your database can’t communicate with this system, it is time to retire it.

Always say thank you

While a thank you is always nice, what it really achieves is confirmation. Having an automatic ‘thanking’ system means your members know their membership has been renewed, which is reassuring and creates a more trusting relationship.


How does fibromyalgia affect sleep?

Fibromyalgia is a generalized chronic pain syndrome that is characterized by causing a wide spectrum of symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, muscle stiffness and emotional distress. It affects up to 5% of the general population, but there is a clear predominance of women.

People who suffer from it have a significant deterioration in their physical and mental health, even to a greater degree than those who have other rheumatic or immune diseases. Although it does not have a definite cause, its appearance is related to the uncontrolled nervous system, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics. Continue reading “How does fibromyalgia affect sleep?”

Before you install your porch, consider these points

An oak porch is a classic and beautiful addition to many properties and are highly popular. They offer both great practicality and attractive aesthetics. If you’re looking for a warmer and more welcoming entryway to your home, they provide shelter from the weather and light the way for increased security and finding your keys in the dark! Here are some things to consider before organising the installation of your very own wooden porch:

  1. Your budget amount
    Before doing anything, calculate what you have available for your project. The type of design, style and material you choose will vary in price, so you should do some research before planning your new porch and decide how much you have to spend.
  2. Available Space
    It’s easy to get carried away when you see the stunning designs available, but you should seriously consider exactly how much space you have available at your property. This will help you to make the final decision on where to place the oak porch and the size and styles available.

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  1. Planning permission
    The size of porch determines whether you will need to apply for planning permission or not. Structures that exceed a certain size will need planning permission, so it’s important you understand what’s required and what isn’t. In England and Wales, a porch must not exceed 3 metres squared or it will require planning permission. There are other regulations and restrictions, for example in conservation areas or on listed buildings.
  2. Style Choice
    As the first thing that guests see when they approach your home, you want to make a great first impression. Most people choose a porch style that fits in with the existing style of their property for a seamless and classic look. There are many styles available so you’re sure to find a style that matches your needs perfectly.
  3. What you’ll use it for
    Think about the reasons why you want a porch on the front of your house. Is it simply to look good or do you have a practical need as well? Will its purpose be for shelter, for aesthetics or does it need to be enclosed as a space for storing coats and shoes? You’re intended purpose will have a large impact on the style you choose, and you’ll want to choose the most suitable size and design.

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  1. Materials
    Whilst there are many materials to choose from, an oak porch is the most timeless and attractive. Oak offers a beautifully rich colour, a good-looking finish, adds tons of character and feels warm and welcoming. It is also an incredibly durable and strong material. From an environmental perspective, oak is great at absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, easily offsetting any emissions produced during the felling and construction process.

Feeling confident about diamond grading certificates

If you’re looking to buy a diamond ring, you may be overwhelmed by the variety available. Not only do you have to find the perfect style, but you also need to choose the right metal whilst taking into account the diamond’s shape and size. To make it more complicated, you also need to check the authenticity of the diamond. Here’s what you need to know about diamond grading certificates.

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Important names in diamond grading

Before you purchase a ring, you must make sure that it is authentic. To do this, you need to look for a grading certificate that will confirm the condition of the diamond. One of the biggest names in diamond certification is GIA. This is the name to look out for, especially when making purchases over £20,000, to ensure that it is the genuine article. It’s no wonder that when selling some of the most expensive diamonds, some of the biggest auction houses will only use items that include a GIA report containing security features to ensure its authenticity.

Some of the other industry names you may come across include HRD and IGI. It is advised that certificates from HRD and IGI are acceptable on purchases from £2,000 and £20,000. If it’s any higher, you may want to stick with GIA. AGS is another company that is considered to be reputable, but this certificate is used mostly in the US.

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If you are looking for stones other than diamonds, Gubelin, GRS and SSEF may be names that you’ll become familiar with. They specialise in pearls and coloured gemstones, so if your rings includes certificates by one of them, you don’t need to worry.

Where to buy

There are thousands of places that will offer you diamonds certified by these respected diamond graders, including websites. Buying diamond engagement rings online was once seen as risky. However, many online retailers offer the highest in graded diamonds, so you will no longer need to ask yourself: Is buying a diamond engagement ring online OK? Just make sure that you look at the diamond description carefully to ensure that it comes with a reputable diamond grading certificate.

It can be hard to choose the perfect ring, but by ensuring that it has a reputable grading certificate, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of it not being a genuine piece.

healthy eyes

How to have healthy eyes

Have you noticed that more and more people are walking down the street wearing prescription glasses? It is not a fashion or that medicine has advanced much, but also, we tend not take too much care of our eyes. Find out in this article how to have healthy eyes and avoid not only wearing glasses, but also more serious problems in the future. Continue reading “How to have healthy eyes”