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Car Wash Business:How to start a car wash business

Everything you need to know to start a car wash business. You will learn the three types of washes: home service, automatic and self-service.

Is a car wash business profitable?

The number of automobiles has increased considerably in recent decades. Each family has one, two and even three vehicles. But… Continue reading “Car Wash Business:How to start a car wash business”

Effective Maintenance of Timber Homes

Timber homes need careful and effective maintenance to preserve their appearance and weather-proofing, and to help ensure that they are as durable and long-lasting as their builders intended.

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High Quality Timber

If you are constructing a timber house, it always pays to use very high quality timber, or to choose a timber frame construction company who will do the job for you. This includes ensuring that the chosen timber is properly treated. Attempts to cut costs by choosing lower quality timber or scrimping on the treatment process will inevitably affect the building’s longer-term condition. When it comes to the treatment procedures during the construction process, it is always sensible to choose a professional with an appropriate understanding of what is needed for the particular type of timber used.

Weatherproofing Timber

Many people fear that their timber home may rot, particularly in wet climates such as those experienced in many parts of the UK. However, timber can be waterproofed in such a way as to prevent any moisture from soaking into the wood. It is critical that this is done not only to prevent the wood from rotting, but also to guard against the damage that can occur when damp wood freezes. In sufficiently cold weather, any water that has seeped into the wood will expand into ice. This will force the timbers apart. The damage caused over only relatively short spaces of time can be considerable, and the cost of putting it right may be far more than the building’s owner is comfortable with paying.

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Protecting Timber Homes Against Insects

Insects such as deathwatch beetle are a major pest in timber buildings. Left unchecked they can cause significant damage, however judicious use of both a dry rot treatment and a wet rot treatment can guard against this outcome most effectively.

What to Look for if You’re Buying a Timber Home

To be effective, the treatments covered in this short article must be carried out during the building’s construction. Conscientious builders such as will have kept a record of all the various treatments to which they have subjected the wood, and you should not be afraid to request copies of them.

As a would-be buyer of a timber home, make sure that you do your research and check that your prospective purchase has been treated properly.

When you’ve got to scratch that itch

We all know what it’s like when you can feel the dreaded itch coming on and its in that hard to reach part of the middle of your back. You become like a contortionist and bend backwards, but it doesn’t work. You are left with the dilemma of do you try to reach up from behind your back to find the target area or reach up and over your shoulder! Neither ever seems to get the exact spot so you resort to rubbing yourself against anything that is available, a chair, the wall even your partner if they are standing close enough. When you finally utter the words “Would you scratch my back for me, I can’t reach”.

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Now we all know the irritation of having an itchy back but most of us have also been on the receiving end of the request and this writer, just like many others, really does not enjoy scratching another person’s skin. Scratching a pets fur I don’t mind but there is something about another person’s dead skin cells under my finger nails that makes my stomach turn. Of course, at least another human can ask for help as where we are often left guessing why our cat is rolling around on the floor or why or dog is reaching with its back leg up behind its ear or if you are in the horrible position of having a horse with sweet itch. For remedies that can help soothe itchy pets take a look at

Anyway, back to the itchy back dilemma. What better invention has there been than the back scratcher??

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Many people point to the wheel, others the discovery of penicillin in hushed tones there is talk of the Hadron Collider at Cern in Switzerland but surely none of these things compare with the ability of humans to develop such a useful advice. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and this certainly fits the bill. Original scratchers were taken from pieces of wood. The longest with a decent hook on the end was obviously the way to go but this did not always appear in nature. Therefore, our ancestors took the natural wood pieces and shaped and whittled it with great skill to form the standard claw shape working on the position of fingers when a human scratches.

My Granny had one as gift brought back for her when her friend went on holiday. It was whittled from Bamboo which is a very good substance to use as the splinter rate is less. In the modern era the back scratcher has gone on to be redesigned and even features a telescopic option, so it can fit in a bag making it portable, the essence of human ingenuity.

How to choose the flooring for a child’s bedroom

Most parents put a great deal of care and thought into selecting the decor of their children’s bedrooms. The floor is also important, and making a wise selection will have benefits for you and your child.

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Timeless wood

Carpet is a viable choice, although it can collect dust and germs and is not advised if your child has allergies or asthma. Solid wood always looks good, and engineered wood can also be attractive, although it is quite a hard surface for children. Vinyl tiles are another option for those on a budget.

If you are searching for ideas on how to decorate a child’s room so that it is fun and welcoming without being tacky, see this report from The Telegraph.

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Rough and tumble

Children love to play and need to feel to confident in their surroundings, so a floor that can stand up to a bit of scuffing is a good idea. Laminate flooring will look good at all stages of a child’s development, is easy to clean, and is very durable. If you want to discover more about the options available in laminate flooring, enlist the help of experts in this area such as, who can give you tips and advice.

Appearance is important for a child’s room, but hygiene and durability are also important considerations. For children to get the most out of their rooms, choose flooring that will allow them to have fun.

symptoms of pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy : 10 First symptoms of pregnancy

The first signs and symptoms of pregnancy can arise before the delay of menstruation. But can be so subtle that only women who are very attentive to their body or who are trying to get pregnant can notice it because most of the time go unnoticed. The first symptoms you should be aware of are:

The content of the article:

  1. Pink vaginal discharge
  2. Colic and abdominal swelling
  3. Sensitive and swollen breasts
  4. Easy fatigue
  5. Aversion to strong odors
  6. Variations of humor
  7. Dizziness, vomiting or excessive salivation
  8. Cramps, sleep, and headache
  9. Increased desire to urinate
  10. Pimples and oily skin.

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Bikers Fashion

19 bikers to make the difference of your halftime look

The expected season of halftime is approaching. We already want to keep the coat and rescue our most comfortable and versatile garment: the leather jacket. Every season the brands surprise us with new and original models to make the difference of a look. Bikers loaded with details, eye-catching colors and even trendy prints that look perfect for 24 hours. Continue reading “19 bikers to make the difference of your halftime look”

during pregnancy

6 Benefits of eating watermelon during pregnancy

The moment the world learns that you are pregnant, you are bombarded with advice from all quarters. Yes, it’s irritating to hear virtual strangers throw off a list of tips, but I remember – you need a village to help raise a child! One of the most common tips you will hear is “eat fruits regularly.” There are numerous fruits that you can and can not consume during pregnancy. Watermelon, fortunately, is one of the fruits you can and should consume. Watermelon is healthy, nutritious, refreshing and energizing too. Continue reading “6 Benefits of eating watermelon during pregnancy”

essential oils

8 Essential oils that keep insects away naturally     

Essential oils that remove insects naturally, there are many. Indeed, to repel insects without hurting them, nothing better than these concentrated oils extracted from plants! They are effective and natural. In fact, they have no negative effect on your health or the environment, while protecting you from insect bites such as mosquitoes or bees. Continue reading “8 Essential oils that keep insects away naturally     “

natural healthy garden

5 Tips for a natural healthy garden

With the arrival of sunny days, what better than to take out your gloves and go back to gardening? It is well known, gardening is a pleasure and a way to relax while making its place of life more attractive. However, many products available in supermarkets have a negative effect on the environment. How to maintain your natural healthy garden without having to use them? Here are 5 natural tips for a healthy garden, which will allow you to please you while respecting the environment.

Here we give some points for a healthy garden

  • Use physical barriers
  • Choose disease-resistant plants
  • Fight only pests
  • Get rid of weeds
  • Compost is your ally

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Chandeliers – Some Facts And Figures You Might Not Know

There are facts, figures and interesting stories about pretty much everything in life, and chandeliers are no different (honestly!), so this is why we have rummaged around the Internet and found some things that we find interesting, and hopefully, you will as well!

World’s Largest Chandelier

According to the Guinness World Records website, the largest chandelier in the world is located in Qatar and owned by Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi & Co. It weighs in at an impressive 18,000 KG, and consists of a pheromonal 165,000 LED units to make it quite literally light up, and was installed in June 2010. It was designed by a designer in Scotland called Beau McClellan and took two years from start to finish, before it was shipped over and installed for this property developer.

Most Expensive Chandelier

Based on chandeliers that have been sold at auction (else it can be quite hard to answer this one) the world’s most expensive chandelier was a Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver 8 light chandelier made by William Kent way back in 1736. It sold for just over $9 million at Christies in London in 2017, and was initially valued at between $4 and $6 million before it was sold for this record breaking amount on an evening in July. Of course, you can find more affordable antique crystal chandeliers through retailers like, but generally, $9 million or more will buy you the most expensive one on record (if they will sell!).

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First Used Chandeliers

Although very different to what we class a chandelier as now, the first form or existence of a chandelier was thought to be in the Middle Ages. They were originally basic wooden cross sections that held candles. And indeed, this is how the name came about, as the word Chandelier is from the French word Chandelabre, which has a literal translation of Candlestick. These days of course they use electricity and bulbs to light up, but way back when times were different, they presented a very different form indeed! However, finding one of these is now quite rare, as many were hung in churches which were destroyed due to the reformation that took part in the 1500’s.

That Only Fools And Horses Scene

You know the one we are talking about, where Del and Rodney are awaiting the drop of the chandelier to be repaired, only for Granddad to release the wrong one.

Rather than buying a real chandelier, they had one made by a props specialist, but even this was still worth £6,000 and only one was ever commissioned, meaning that they had one chance, and one chance only to nail the scene.

And of course, they did, and alongside Del falling through the bar, is probably one of the most iconic and remembered scenes from this program.

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