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8 Essential oils that keep insects away naturally     

Essential oils that remove insects naturally, there are many. Indeed, to repel insects without hurting them, nothing better than these concentrated oils extracted from plants! They are effective and natural. In fact, they have no negative effect on your health or the environment, while protecting you from insect bites such as mosquitoes or bees. Continue reading “8 Essential oils that keep insects away naturally     “

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5 Tips for a natural healthy garden

With the arrival of sunny days, what better than to take out your gloves and go back to gardening? It is well known, gardening is a pleasure and a way to relax while making its place of life more attractive. However, many products available in supermarkets have a negative effect on the environment. How to maintain your natural healthy garden without having to use them? Here are 5 natural tips for a healthy garden, which will allow you to please you while respecting the environment.

Here we give some points for a healthy garden

  • Use physical barriers
  • Choose disease-resistant plants
  • Fight only pests
  • Get rid of weeds
  • Compost is your ally

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Chandeliers – Some Facts And Figures You Might Not Know

There are facts, figures and interesting stories about pretty much everything in life, and chandeliers are no different (honestly!), so this is why we have rummaged around the Internet and found some things that we find interesting, and hopefully, you will as well!

World’s Largest Chandelier

According to the Guinness World Records website, the largest chandelier in the world is located in Qatar and owned by Ali Bin Khalifa Al Hitmi & Co. It weighs in at an impressive 18,000 KG, and consists of a pheromonal 165,000 LED units to make it quite literally light up, and was installed in June 2010. It was designed by a designer in Scotland called Beau McClellan and took two years from start to finish, before it was shipped over and installed for this property developer.

Most Expensive Chandelier

Based on chandeliers that have been sold at auction (else it can be quite hard to answer this one) the world’s most expensive chandelier was a Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver 8 light chandelier made by William Kent way back in 1736. It sold for just over $9 million at Christies in London in 2017, and was initially valued at between $4 and $6 million before it was sold for this record breaking amount on an evening in July. Of course, you can find more affordable antique crystal chandeliers through retailers like, but generally, $9 million or more will buy you the most expensive one on record (if they will sell!).

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First Used Chandeliers

Although very different to what we class a chandelier as now, the first form or existence of a chandelier was thought to be in the Middle Ages. They were originally basic wooden cross sections that held candles. And indeed, this is how the name came about, as the word Chandelier is from the French word Chandelabre, which has a literal translation of Candlestick. These days of course they use electricity and bulbs to light up, but way back when times were different, they presented a very different form indeed! However, finding one of these is now quite rare, as many were hung in churches which were destroyed due to the reformation that took part in the 1500’s.

That Only Fools And Horses Scene

You know the one we are talking about, where Del and Rodney are awaiting the drop of the chandelier to be repaired, only for Granddad to release the wrong one.

Rather than buying a real chandelier, they had one made by a props specialist, but even this was still worth £6,000 and only one was ever commissioned, meaning that they had one chance, and one chance only to nail the scene.

And of course, they did, and alongside Del falling through the bar, is probably one of the most iconic and remembered scenes from this program.

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Make Friday Night Film Night

Is there anything better than spending Friday night huddled on the sofa with your loved ones watching a great movie? Here are some of the top family films of all time, that if you haven’t already seen, you really should make the effort.

The Lion King

This Disney classic is a must-see for all families. Both heart-warming and heart-breaking in equal measure, the story follows a young lion who must save his pride from the evil clutches of his uncle, Scar. Comedy moments are interspersed in among the action with the lion’s cohorts, Timon and Pumbaa. He has many lessons to learn along the way and the film has become a Disney must-see classic that was even turned into a hugely successful West End musical.

Despicable Me

A brilliant film from Universal Pictures featuring the most adorable villain to ever appear on our screens. Gru is assisted by the little yellow trouble-makers called Minions, and it’s their antics and lovable adventures that make this film a true great. The tough guy Gru gets all mushy though when his path crosses that of three orphaned little girls, who manage to melt his villainous heart.

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Harry Potter

Any of these films make ideal family viewing but if not seen them, then it makes sense to watch them in order, starting with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This magical movie introduces us to all the well-known and much-loved characters from the original books by J.K Rowling. Everybody, even grown-ups will wish they could have attended Hogwarts as their school. This movie takes you on a wonderful, magical adventure – perfect for getting out the lap tray and having an excuse to snack in front of the TV for a change. For personalised Lap Trays for the whole family, visit

The Hunger Games

This film is better suited to slightly older children as it tells the dark tale of young people being forced to fight to the death in a televised event that takes place annually in the damaged land of Panem. Children from each of the country’s 12 districts are forced into this cruel arena but Katniss Everdeen, our heroine, starts a revolt that has huge consequences for the government. Stunning, gripping and edge-of-your-seat viewing.

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Star Wars

The original films from the 70s and 80s have a charm and wit that some would argue you don’t get with the later movies. Whether you’re introducing the story to your children, or you’re an adult with a desire for nostalgia – family viewing doesn’t get much better or more entertaining than this galactic epic. Settle down to be whisked through the galaxy with all our favourite characters like Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Yoda. The thrill of introducing it to your kids is almost as exciting as when you first saw it all those years ago.


For a bit of Friday night festive cheer when Christmas approaches, Elf starring Will Ferrell is a must-see seasonal classic. The hilarious story follows Buddy, a fully grown human man having been brought up in Father Christmas’ Elf Village making toys. The fun starts when he learns the truth about where he came from and decides to visit the human world, finding himself in the middle of a bustling pre-Christmas New York in search of his dad.