Understanding the huge variety of Bras

Walking through the lingerie section of a department store can be a bewildering experience. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for it can be confusing as you’re bombarded with different colours, materials, shapes, sizes, uses and manufacturer’s promises. Before you lose the will to live, check out this handy guide to help clear the fog of bra bemusement:

The Full Cup

If you are a lady of ampler boob size, then the full cup is your saviour. The bra is designed to cover the whole breast, providing top class support and shaping from the cups and the wider straps. This is the most comfortable bra choice for those with bigger breasts and will make your silhouette look much neater under garments too. For the Prima Donna Deauville White Bra, visit http://www.orchidlingerie.co.uk/

The T-Shirt Bra

You will find this style of bra is available in a demi or full-cup variety. Why would you need one of these? Well, they are seamless and smooth so don’t show any lines or material through your clothing. Perfect for wearing under a tight t-shirt, hence the name. They are super comfy, casual bras and come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit everyone.

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The Bandeau

Some of the earliest versions of bras worn by women of ancient civilisations resembled what we now call the Bandeau. Don’t let that put you off though as this simple fabric that wraps around the bust is ideal for those with smaller breasts who don’t want visible straps. They don’t offer much support but perfect if you’re petite and perky!

The Balconette

This bra style is a half-cup with built in push up action. The top half of your breast is exposed with a band around the bottom that acts a bit like a wonder bra. This bra is a great option for those with neither small or large breasts but those with medium sized boobs who want a little sexy push up.

The Convertible

This clever design can be adapted for whatever outfit you want to wear. They come in all shapes and sizes, the straps can be removed completely for wearing with strapless dresses. The straps can also be moved into a halter neck position, criss-cross or racerback depending on your needs.

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The Push-Up

The push-up bra is the ultimate answer in pushing together and pushing up towards the centre to create that awesome cleavage you seek. This bra will also come with padding. The push-up is ideal for those with smaller breasts and the padding also helps those who may be different sizes on the left and right, if the padding is removable.

The Sporty One

We all need additional support in order to feel comfortable when we exercise but it’s more important than just comfort. A supportive sports bra can reduce the chance of breast damage during jumping, running or playing sports. Holding your breasts in place allows you to move and exercise with total confidence and no distracting discomfort.

digital transformation

Six necessary competencies in the workers to advance in the digital transformation

There is a lot of talk about the digital transformation of companies, and they often forget a key element for their success, employees. After all, this process affects how people perform their work in a company. That is why before launching ourselves to define how our organization has to be digitized, we have to evaluate the necessary competencies in the workers to promote the digital transformation of the company. Continue reading “Six necessary competencies in the workers to advance in the digital transformation”

Housebuilding concerns could be eased by land development tax

The demand for housing is relentless, as the population continues to expand and people need accommodation to suit different phases in their lives. Many cities have been densely developed and more land needs to be included in the mix to create space for building more houses.

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Delays in housing targets

Targets are set each year by the government for construction of new housing, but these are rarely fulfilled. Often, planning restrictions and delays play a role in this, and the protection of rural land, greenfields and greenbelts all contribute to shortfalls. While conserving rural land is generally considered to be a good thing, at this point only 4 per cent of the nation’s land has been developed for urban living. There is a difference between greenbelt land, which can be subject to a raft of protective regulation, and greenfield land, which is essentially farmland.

Defending greenbelts

People generally want to live close to amenities, friends and work. Preserving greenbelts can drive up prices of land and make properties much less affordable. Some commentators have called for building on greenbelts to ease the housing crisis, such as in this report from The Guardian.

There have been calls for the planned release of greenbelt and greenfield land, accompanied by a land development tax that moderates profits to be made by developers and landowners. Owners could benefit hugely and see land increase in value by up to a hundred times, if it is reclassified from rural use into being suitable for development in desirable areas close to where people want to live.

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Brownfield land is another option as well, and having been previously developed, brownfield sites may simply not be in use, or may be contaminated in some way. If you want to discover more about the options involved in land remediation, it would be a good idea to consult experts in this field, such as http://www.ashremediation.co.uk/. Specialists in land remediation should be able to offer tips and advice in this area.

Housing is one of the most urgent issues to address on the domestic political agenda. It is vital that a solution is found, and reassessing the use of idle or rural land may be required. However, releasing rural land must be done in a way where people needing housing can benefit.


Couple: 10 tips to improve a relationship

Especially during a long engagement or marriage, with the passing of time and the habits of mastering it, it may seem that the couple is no longer the same as the beginning, but there are tips to improve a relationship that is based on experience and are able to give new impetus to love before a real crunch occurs.

Any relationship, in fact, needs a constant commitment, attentiveness, gesture, love, and respect for it to be happy and lasting. Continue reading “Couple: 10 tips to improve a relationship”

Average amount spent on a wedding dress falls by 20 per cent

A recent survey has revealed that the amount spent on a wedding dress has fallen by 20 per cent; meanwhile, another survey suggests that the price of wedding dresses has fallen.

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The rise of online shopping and the ability to compare prices quickly and easily online has made it harder for the traditional independent high street bridal store to compete with stores popping up online offering their own bridal ranges. This has reduced the amount spent on wedding dresses, as there is no longer so much pressure to save and save until you can afford to go into a store, try on a selection of dresses, find ‘the one’ and empty your purse – or your husband-to-be’s wallet – to secure the dress of your dreams.

Less spare cash with rising cost of living

People having less spare cash to splash on weddings; similarly, the rising cost of living has put the squeeze on dress manufactures. To meet new demand, they have had to find ways to reduce the cost of wedding dresses at a time when less people are buying high-end designer dresses and more are choosing affordable options.

Bridal magazines are now including features on the best high street wedding dresses, which start from as little as £85 – or £275 for a more elaborate dress. This is a massive reduction when you consider that the average amount spent on a wedding dress is over £800 and some people can still splash out on an elaborate designer dress costing thousands of pounds.

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Cheap no longer has to mean poor quality

High street stores have stepped up to fill the gap in the market between designed-to-fit-perfectly designer brands and the need for a pretty but affordable dress on a tighter budget. This has also reduced the number of people who would otherwise be forced to consider something secondhand and perhaps feel less of a princess on their wedding day. It has also opened up options to spend the saving on a perfect venue; for example, a dream wedding can be held in a wedding hotel venue in Gloucestershire such as http://www.thespeechhouse.co.uk.

With the reduction in the price of wedding dresses, would you still splash out on a designer gown or would you consider the high street brands?

Why UX is critical

We have all read countless articles lauding the importance of investing time into developing a seamless user experience and here are a few reasons why this continues to be sound advice.

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Increased conversions

As this ABC Money article explains, UX has the ability to positively or negatively influence overall conversion rates. Thoughtful and refined user experiences provide audiences with the information they need easily and efficiently, ultimately boosting conversions and resulting in a content customer base.

Makes a crucial positive first impression

First impressions count and if a website doesn’t provide its audience with a seamless experience, they won’t return or recommend the service to their social circles. If businesses want to convert audiences into customers and ensure they keep returning, investing time into creating a welcoming and user-friendly website is crucial.

Reduces time required for website revisions

Investing in the creation of a successful UX from the beginning will ultimately save a lot of time and resources in the future. Websites with a poor UX may receive a lot of audience complaints or experience an incredibly high bounce rate which will need addressing if the website is ever going to act as a useful and important business tool.

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Professional web designers in Cheltenham, such as the team that can be seen here http://www.ma-design.biz, understand how to create a UX tailored to individual audiences, with both the creative flair and the longevity to continue serving businesses well into the future.

Minimise repetitive customer enquiries

Regularly receiving similar questions from audiences is a clear sign that the UX needs revising to ensure important pieces of information are easily discoverable. Understanding precisely what target audiences want to learn from a website is a key part of the UX development process, ultimately helping businesses to create a useful website that meets all needs and expectations.

Contributes positively to SEO

Search engines both value and prioritise websites providing an excellent UX for their audience. Put simply, if Google doesn’t think a website is easy to navigate, it will not rank as highly as it possibly could for key search terms, which will ultimately negatively impact traffic, reach, and brand recognition. Equally, a poor UX will quickly deter audiences from sharing it within their own social feeds, ultimately, also negatively impacting organic shares which are proving to be an increasingly important component of every SEO strategy.

Surprising features that can devalue your home

If you’re trying to sell your home, you may be surprised at some of the features that can actually detract from its value not to add to it. While access to a parking space, a tube station or a certain upmarket supermarket may all see the price of your property soar, that swimming pool you thought would really add value is seen as so much high maintenance hassle.

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Don’t be scuppered by solar panels

Being green is one of the most important choices we can make in our day to day lives. But when it comes to your property, energy saving solar panels may not add any value when it comes to putting your home on the market. Why? For some it’s the thought of expensive future upgrades, for others it’s the aesthetics of having them stuck on your roof.

Get you paperwork in order

If you’ve had any building work done that required planning permission or is required to meet building regulations, then you need to have all that paperwork handily filed away. Not being able to produce these documents readily can be a real turn off for buyers who know that missing paperwork can really foul up the house buying process.

If you’re selling your house in Gloucester estate agents like www.tgres.co.uk will be able to advise you on the documents you need.

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Keep your garden in order

A well-kept garden not only helps to sell your property, but should be full of plants any buyer can instantly recognise. If your potential purchaser fears you have Japanese knotweed they’ll expect you to drop your price through the floor. And no wonder, this invasive species can undermine foundations causing subsidence and other problems. You should also cut back large trees and hedges to let light flood into your home, as dark and dingy looking rooms are another turn-off.

Keep it simple with neutrals

Over the top decoration and cluttered rooms are still the number one turn-off for buyers – a messy child’s bedroom can knock £8,000 off the value of your property. A declutter and a lick of magnolia may seem like the oldest trick in the book but it’s the one sure way to maximise your property’s value and grab you the quick sale you’re looking for.

How to Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter can be a dangerous and costly time for homeowners due to the bad weather. Wind, show and rain can damage the roof and paintwork, while cold weather can make the house cold and damp. There are various things you can do to weather-proof your home in the winter months.

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You should check your boiler to make sure the pressure is optimum at around one bar. It is also good to keep your home heated for at least one hour per day even if you are away, as it keeps the boiler ticking over. You can often set it by a timer to make sure it goes on and off at appropriate times.


Radiators are vital for keeping warm in the winter, but many homes have radiators that are not operating at peak efficiency. If yours are hot in one place and colder in another, they probably need bleeding.

To bleed a radiator, you need to turn off the radiator and get a bleed key and then turn the top valve anti-clockwise until it hisses. Water will flow, and you need to catch it with a cloth and then tighten the valve up again to finish.

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Double Glazing

Another way to keep energy costs low is to invest in double glazing. There are many experts who can fit double glazing, such as Tewkesbury double glazers Firmfix. However, even if you are not looking for double glazing in Tewkesbury and are searching for a glazier in a different city, there will be many options. Simply fitting double or even triple glazing can save a lot on heating bills over the winter. Also remember to use draught excluders to prevent draughts from window frames, doors and letter boxes.


Winter is an important time to give the gutters a clear-out. Sticks and leaves can mount up in the gutters and could cause blockages and overspill problems. Pipes should be able to carry water away, as this also prevents damp from getting into walls.

If pipes freeze they could burst from the pressure build-up, which could lead to damage. You should know where the stop cock is so you can turn off the water in an emergency. It is normally a lever under the sink on the copper pipes – to turn it off you should turn it clockwise.

What should a man pack for a weekend away?

What sort of packer are you? Do you just stuff a couple of T-shirts and some clean underwear into a carry-on bag? Or do you end up cramming most of your wardrobe into a suitcase and end up sitting on it to get it to close?

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In many ways packing for a short break is much harder than for a long one. You’ll find lots of advice online, http://www.artofmanliness.com/travel-packing-list-for-men/ but if you’re only going for two or three days you don’t want to be lugging a huge bag.

Type of trip

The first thing to consider is what type of trip this is, how you’ll be travelling and what you’ll be doing. On days when you’re travelling choose comfortable clothes with things like T-shirts, hoodies and jackets that you can layer to take account of conditions. Remember that the things you’re wearing won’t take up space in your case.

Take account of the weather too. In summer you’ll need shorts and since these take up less space in your bag you should pack them and wear jeans or long trouser to travel. In winter you’ll need bulkier jackets and jumpers, again wear what you can to save space. For beach breaks don’t forget swimwear, sandals and a beach towel.

Whatever type of trip it is there may be times when you need a semi-formal look, for meals out, say. You don’t need to go overboard, a smart long-sleeved shirt and tailored trousers or chinos are fine. You can always use the shirt with rolled sleeves or over a T-shirt during the day too. If you’ve travelled in trainers you’ll need to pack some smarter shoes too. For more formal weekends you may need a smart jacket or blazer.

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Whether you’re staying in luxury Birmingham apartments like Whether you’re staying in a luxury Birmingham serviced apartment like http://birminghamservicedapartments.co.uk/ or in a hotel, there are some things you’ll need for every trip. These are the things like underwear and socks, shaving kit, wash bag, toothbrushes and paste, deodorants, sunscreen and so on.

Finally, think about technology – your phone charger is pretty much essential but are you taking other gadgets like a camera, tablet or Kindle? If any of these things charge via a USB socket you may be able to pack just a single charger to cope with all of them.

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Top Positive Effects of Kratom

In its native land of Southeast Asia, including countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, Kratom is used for a number of everyday purposes. However, its popularity has also reached the Western world and now people are using it to achieve a variety of health benefits. Depending on the dosage taken, Kratom can serve as a stimulant and sedative both. These properties has enabled people to use this herbal remedy for dealing with a wide array of illnesses and diseases. Initially, the plant gained popularity in Europe and how now been legalized in the US too. It can be found in the form of capsules and people can also take it in powder form made by crushing its dried leaves.

But, what positive effects of kratom can you expect when opt to use Kratom as an herbal remedy? Some of the top ones are highlighted here:

  • Stimulation

If you take Kratom in small doses, you will discover that the plant can actually be very energizing and is especially good on days when you just don’t have the energy to get out of bed. Kratom also comes from the same plant family as coffee so it is quite similar in effect. But, like coffee, Kratom will not increase your heartrate or make you restless; instead, you are only going to experience a surge in your energy levels and this will allow you to focus more on the tasks you have to perform. This herb can be taken in small doses by students, managers or even athletes as they are often under a lot of stress. White vein Kratom products are the best option for stimulating effects.

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  • Relaxation

When you up the dose a little bit, you will find that Kratom will help you in feeling quite calm. You are going to feel your muscles relax and even your mind is going to calm down as the effects are really soothing. This can be immensely useful for those who are suffering from anxiety. A number of people consume Kratom while lying in a darkened room and listening to music. It helps you relax and forget all your problems, which can reduce your stress levels considerably and enable you to feel better about yourself. Moreover, you will find this herb also useful in improving the quality of your sleep. You can relax before sleeping and your mind will be clear of any negative thoughts.

  • Pain Reliever

For decades, Kratom has been used as an herbal medicine for relieving pain and other side-effects associated with other diseases. It is an affordable, safe and fast way of reducing the painful sensations you experience. One of the best parts about using Kratom as a pain-reliever is that it doesn’t produce a physical addiction as its impacts different from that of opiates.

  • Weight Loss

Kratom has also been found useful for suppressing appetite. This can be extremely beneficial because the less hungry you are, the less you will eat. In this way, this herbal supplement can aid you in losing weight as you don’t snack and prevent overeating.