Why it’s great to drive a new car

Most of us would love to drive a brand-new car but many of us cannot afford this luxury. If you’re tired of always buying used and second-hand vehicles then there is another option you should consider which will give you the chance to drive a brand-new car every year. What are the benefits of driving a new car?


One of the best advantages of driving a new car is the manufacturer’s warranty will still be in place. If there is a problem with your vehicle during the first few years, the cost of putting it right will be met by the manufacturer. Whilst there are extended warranties available on used cars, these tend to run out after 10,000 miles or will have an excess to pay. You can have great confidence that your car won’t break down and if it does, the problem can be taken to the manufacturer. When leasing a car, the warranty will usually cover the period of the lease meaning hassle-free driving for you.

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As soon as you buy a new car, its value begins to depreciate. There is a saying that goes ‘if it appreciates, buy it but if it depreciates, lease it. Leasing gives you the opportunity enjoy the benefits of driving a new car that might otherwise be completely out of your price range. You might also find that road tax is included in the terms of the lease, giving you one less thing to worry about. For Car leasing in Leicester, visit http://leasing.totalmotion.co.uk/

Imagine being able to drive a brand-new car every couple of years with all the benefits of the latest technology, fuel economy and improved performance that new cars offer. Well, this is all possible when you consider car leasing.


Vehicles today have strict safety guidelines and requirements set by professional organisations to make them as safe as technology can currently manage. Crash tests and tougher passing grades for safety testing has resulted in new cars that are more robust, have more safety features and offer greater protection than ever before. Leasing a new car means you can benefit from these advanced safety features as well such as collision avoidance, rear cameras and automatic braking.

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Newer cars come with a greater range of technology to make driving a smoother and more enjoyable experience. You could be driving a vehicle with internet connectivity, voice-texting, access to social media and advanced infotainment systems. If these are add-ons that appeal to you, then leasing can give you the opportunity to enjoy such benefits without the huge expense of buying a vehicle.

Fancy a change?

If you enjoy change and trying new things then buying a car and keeping it for years might not seem a very attractive prospect. The great thing about car leasing is that you don’t need to get bored but can change your car as often as your mobile phone! You get to enjoy that wonderful new car smell and experience the rush of excitement at having a shiny new vehicle to drive.

Common Ice Maker Problems In Modern Brands

The ice maker on a refrigerator is one of the home’s little talked about blessings. A cold beverage after a hot day of mowing, a backyard barbecue, or a long walk around your block means a lot to the average family member. It’s important to make sure that the ice maker is always working properly and to recognize signs that it might be struggling to do its job.

Companies like Sub Zero and their Sub Zero ice maker repair services are proof that the ice maker is an important part of today’s daily luxuries. When you invest in a fridge with an ice maker, you want something a bit beyond an average fridge. Your family depends on that ice maker for their cold beverages. When something goes wrong, it can feel like more than a minor inconvenience. You’ll immediately want a good company to step in and get your ice maker back into tip top shape so that the cool drinks can keep coming.

Common problems with today’s ice makers

No matter how well you maintain your ice maker, it will inevitably at some point experience some troubles. It’s just the signs of age. Other ice makers may be defective from the time you plug the fridge in. A good ice maker repair service will be able to examine the unit and decide if it’s a matter of a defective ice maker or something external that is causing the trouble, such as an aging ice maker.

The water fill system sometimes develops issues over time. A repairman will inspect the fill tube and fill cup during their inspection. They will also inspect the inlet valve and check for any drain clogs that might exist in the unit. Sometimes it can take more than a first inspection to determine what the problem is. In some cases, you’ll need replacement parts for the ice maker and in other cases it will be a matter of cleaning out the system and being on their way.

Your ice maker plays an important part in bringing refreshment and smiles to your household. Make sure that you have it repaired the moment it begins to show signs of struggling. When you do regular maintenance on the unit, you’ll save money in the long run and keep it running smoothly over the course of its lifespan.

Is Cloud Creep a Problem for Your Business Cyber Security?

With companies across all industries increasingly taking advantage of the so-called digital revolution to improve their workflow and efficiency, many are turning to cloud-based solutions rather than taking on the task of hosting their own storage and services. The convenience and flexibility of the cloud cannot be denied, but it comes with a host of hidden security concerns that are only now, years after the popularisation of cloud-based services, becoming apparent. So what are some of the pitfalls of cloud-based solutions, and how can you protect your business?

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What is Cloud Creep, and Why Does it Matter?

There are two related issues here. First, cloud creep, which refers to a business intentionally or unintentionally taking on an increasing number of cloud services, means data which should be kept private or secure ends up in a nearly uncontrollable number of places. This generally occurs not because of business-wide adoption, but because of workers using cloud storage solutions privately to facilitate flexible working solutions, which are in themselves becoming more popular.

While cloud storage solutions are mostly secure, the issue appears because the business is still responsible for the data, so a breach on any number of services could cause a breach for the business, which the business would be held accountable for under new EU and UK data security regulation. Under these regulations, companies could be fined up to 4% of their global turnover or £17 million for data breaches – any fragmented cloud services leave businesses without control of their own data security.

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Protecting Your Business

The first step to protecting your business is ensuring general IT security best practices, such as maintaining up to date software and software security solutions, including firewalls, virus scanning software, and file integrity monitoring such as https://www.promisec.com/file-integrity-monitoring-software/. The majority of data breaches come from simple opportunistic attacks, so maintaining best practices is mandatory.

Protecting your business from cloud-related issues is more difficult. Using a minimum of services and also providing an easily integrated solution to employees is probably the best first step, but it may be impossible to amalgamate all services on a single cloud provider.

The cloud is certainly convenient and generally cost effective, but with potential security issues as well as problems surrounding the location of data, the risks and potential associated costs are only just beginning to appear.