Five food vloggers who are worth your clicks

Food has never been out of fashion. However, this ancient art leaves few clues for archaeologists to trace its long history and the reason is simple: the more successfully cooking is achieved, the fewer the leftovers there are to find.

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The same is true of recipes in the sense that the more they are copied, the harder it is to identify their author. Hardly ever does anyone attempt to patent a dish; if a recipe doesn’t go viral, it isn’t really a success. Like music, cooking is a living art that only exists in the moment of its creation.

The drawback for arts enmeshed in the here-and-now is the difficulty of communicating them. The phonograph came to the rescue of composers and audiophiles, and it is the video blog that bestows a similar blessing on chefs and gastronomes. Neither the music nor the food industry makes it easy for its artists, however. Recording involves a host of technical challenges and there is no guarantee that genius in the kitchen will transfer onto video.

A generation of inspired chefs

Online food recipe videos are credited with inspiring a worldwide surge in students seeking vocational training (for example,, but successful video blogging, or “vlogging”, is something special. Only a few muster enduring popular applause. Fortunately, there are excellent online guides to help us find them, like (see

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Five cookery vlogs worth checking out

SortedFood has two million followers. The four friends who produce it now travel across North America in search of new flavours and techniques.

FoodWishes is one of the largest collections with over a thousand videos and a million subscribers. Chef John is appreciated both for providing creatively novel recipes but also because the videos are professionally produced and easy to follow.

OnePotChefShow provides a selection of playlists dedicated to different types of dishes. It takes a pride in its practicality, providing quick help to cooks with limited time and resources who just want to get something good onto the table without a big mess.

One that specialises in Japanese ingredients and meticulous techniques is Runnyrunny999. It has maintained its success for no less than nine years and shows every sign of enduring another nine.

There’s always room for pudding, so check out Lovelyladycakes. Dessert is a luxury, so surprise and variety are important elements.

Considerations when turning your garage into a gym

Garages are useful for plenty of things: storage, more storage, the occasional car and, yes, more storage. However, have you ever thought about turning your garage into a gym? Imagine the savings on gym membership. Imagine, too, how much easier exercising could be if you only had to pop next door. If the idea appeals, what are the most important considerations?

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Suitability of the building

It is important to assess whether your garage is suitable for you to store potentially valuable equipment and whether it will be a comfortable place to exercise.

If your garage is damp, mould and mildew may be a problem. No-one wants their yoga mats turning black with mould or to breathe in spores. Better ventilation may alleviate the problem, as could the use of a dehumidifier. A good anti-mould paint on the walls can help keep it at bay.

Make sure you have adequate lighting. A single bare bulb in the centre of the ceiling might suffice when rummaging around for the Christmas decorations, but it’s unlikely to make you feel much like putting in the miles on your exercise bike. An electrician can advise you on mains-powered lighting, or you could try some of the motion-activated LED strip lights. You can locate an appropriately qualified electrician in your area through Electrical Safety First.

Clear the space

Your garage might not be large enough for all the equipment of a professional gym, but it’s important it’s spacious enough for you to move around in, safely and comfortably. It’s no good, for example, only being able to reach the weights by clambering over other equipment.

Sensible storage can help you keep the floor space clear. Smaller items, such as foldable mats, can be kept on garage shelving. Somewhere like will have a good range of shelves from which to choose.

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Add the finishing touches

Think about what makes a professional gym a pleasant place to spend time. A flat screen television in the corner may be beyond your budget, but decent music is easily achieved via a smartphone and a set of speakers. You may also want a large mirror on one wall. This can make the space seem lighter and brighter, which is a particularly important consideration if yours is a windowless garage. A small fridge can also be a nice touch.

Carrot Cake

Easy Recipe: Carrot Cake

Usually any cake is easy to make, although it is advisable to apply some trick to get homemade sponge cakes. However, in the case of the carrot cake does not have to do anything special to make it come out because it is not a sponge cake in search of everything else.

The crumb of this cake is dense, but juicy and moist. This involves the carrot, which plays a wonderful role. Do not confuse this carrot cake with carrot cake or carrot cake has nothing to do. This is an easy recipe, no frills, no spices, no cream cheese as a topping. It does not need it to conquer your palates. Do we check it? Continue reading “Easy Recipe: Carrot Cake”

How can you enjoy timeless design in your home?

The 1960s and 1990s were notable decades for striking trends in home improvement. Whilst many homes and commercial buildings were certainly improved, not all style innovations are remembered with approval – and reversing them is often an expensive business. A little change from time to time adds spice to life, but major investments should have some staying power. No one wants to throw furniture and furnishings out with the weekly rubbish.

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Timeless home furnishing design does exist. Strolls around museums and galleries will soon convince you that there are some pieces and looks that remain stunningly desirable and functional forever.

Designed to endure

In people, personality is ephemeral, character is enduring. The same is true of buildings and their furniture. A piece that truly knows what it is and what it is for possesses a lasting value. One that simply pays lip service to current fashion will sooner or later become an embarrassment.

Commissioning bespoke designs is one way of focusing your mind on precisely the qualities that instil this value. Whether you need bespoke commercial desks or unique home furnishings, experienced designers from companies such as will guide you through the process by helping you to understand the modern materials and possibilities.

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Designing your own solution to something with a lasting purpose guarantees that the final piece will truly belong. This, in a nutshell, is from where character grows.

Colour of the year

The colour of 2017 is Denim Drift according to Dulux; Poised Taupe according to Sherwin Williams; and Greenery according to Pantone, which kicked off the ‘colour of the year’ vogue in 2000. Each year, a two-day meeting surrounded by all the secrecy of a papal conclave decides which colour matches the approaching zeitgeist. Florist chains and fashion designers snap up the announcement avidly before planning their own ranges.

If you design your upholstery and furnishings for compatibility with Pantone’s palette this year, you are guaranteed to be throwing them away next. This is good news for companies such as Pantone, but not for the enduring value of anything else.


Natural materials weather the tides of these fashion manipulations with impunity. In nature, colours and textures combine harmoniously without a swatch. Natural or natural-looking materials in your home or workplace will continue to meld harmoniously as more fickle colour schemes come and go.

Top ideas for your next corporate event

Corporate events can do wonders for team morale and can also provide opportunities for staff at all levels and across all departments to socialise. If you’ve already participated in a team-building event, you will be only too familiar with the numerous positive outcomes so, if you’re after some fresh new ideas for your next corporate event, look no further!

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Food-related events

Why settle for a standard dinner-dance party when you can surprise your workers with something more original? Nitrogen ice cream bars feature a range of unusual ice cream flavours to add that novelty factor to your team-building event. Delegates can enjoy flavours inspired by Jack Daniels, popcorn and many more. Find out more about the taste sensations on offer and how they’re made at

A tailor-made Food Science class will have your employees feeling all nostalgic about their school days, with interactive food stalls offering the opportunity to watch dishes being made before them. Finally, though your best-dressed staff may not thank you for it, you could attend a cafe where you pay for your food and drink in exercise. After a stint on a treadmill, a spin bike or a rowing machine, we’re sure that your workers will find the funny side!

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Party-animal themes

If you have a wild bunch and want to allow them to let their hair down, why not consider a carnival parade, where delegates can join in a colourful and music-filled activity? Or, if you want a cosmopolitan feel but can’t afford to transport your entire workforce to a lively city, then why not invite them to take part in a photo booth experience, where they can take a virtual tour around England’s capital and see the main London landmarks? This is great if you’re looking for corporate events in Ireland with a twist. Do check out the website of Irish events specialist Davis Events for even more fun-fuelled ideas (

Alternative experiences

Although most events usually incorporate some kind of dining element, there’s a range of activities that you can do which are centred around specific themes. Take an indoor drag racing event, for example, featuring renowned racing legends and sports journalists. Meanwhile, an inflatable igloo can be the location of your winter or summer escapade, using a 16-metre inflatable structure, complete with LED lights, a bar and furniture.

Do you need two wedding photographers?

Your wedding day will be the most important day of your life – capture it on film and you can look back over the years, tripping your memory with moments you had forgotten.

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A wedding photographer is an important acquisition. You are relying on him to capture every moment of this important day, so why would you need two photographers?

It all depends on what you are expecting from the photographer. If you are having a small, intimate, family wedding, you probably only need one; if you want a huge affair with every moment documented in pictures, you will need two photographers. One photographer cannot be everywhere at the same time. The only downside is double the cost (


One photographer will go with the bride and one with the groom, ensuring every moment is covered. Getting ready on the day, the flowers arriving, hair and makeup, nervous chattering with the bridesmaids, parents fussing around making sure everyone is OK and that everything will be ready on time – all this can be captured for time immemorial. Then there is a sneaky glass of champagne to calm those nerves before stepping into your wedding gown and wowing everyone around you, Mum having a cry in the corner and Dad with a tear in his eye preparing to walk you down the aisle – nothing will be missed.


Showering and dressing with his best man, getting his buttonhole pinned to his jacket, a feeling of excitement yet those butterfly nerves popping up now and again. Double checking the important rings and making sure the ushers know what they are doing, then the long wait until you hear the music and yes, she has arrived and the moment really is happening.

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Regardless of where you live in the country, top-class photographers such as Hampshire wedding photographer are available to make your day one to remember for ever.

If you have one photographer in the church and one outside, everything is covered. The same applies to the reception – one can be taking photos of the guests mulling around while traditional family group photos are happening outside. The benefit of two photographers is that everyone has their own style and you will have the best of both worlds. You only have one shot at this, so double your luck.