This is the first fully electric Jaguar an SUV called I-PACE

Jaguar is a brand that quickly relate to the British Isles, a creator of cars that blends luxury with sportiness like few others, but that has adapted to new market needs in recent years. If you needed an SUV, because there it was, and if it touches are cars with batteries, they have to prepare one with a great pint.

It is called Jaguar I-PACE and curiously has been presented across the pond in the Hall of Los Angeles. The reason seems clear, the center of automotive electrification is there, and it seems the best showcase to show your intentions. Continue reading “This is the first fully electric Jaguar an SUV called I-PACE”


Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link: Purifies, Heats and Ventilates the Air of Your Home

Dyson is a pioneer brand in suction and ventilation systems. From the first bag less vacuum cleaners that launched the market have been able to position themselves as a leading company in everything that has to do with air. And one of the most interesting products range is the Dyson Hot + Cool Pure Link, an air conditioning system and air purification in one.

In a relatively compact system we have an air cleaner, a heating or ventilation, and all controllable by a remote control or, better yet, from a mobile device with its application control and programming. Continue reading “Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link: Purifies, Heats and Ventilates the Air of Your Home”


In search of interplanetary GPS: NASA projects a space navigator with the precision of an atomic clock

I am convinced that the main problem of going to Mars or travel the solar system is that, out there, no WiFi or GPS. Things as seemingly simple as knowing where a probe is or being able to communicate with it become technological challenges of the first order in space.

The funny thing is that a technology that takes us a little more than a century, x-rays, can be the answer to all our space problems. With technologies based on them, we could transmit gigabits per second through the solar system and even create the ultimate interstellar navigation system. And it’s not just a theory, now the NASA Goddard Center prepares for the first demonstration of this technology in space. Continue reading “In search of interplanetary GPS: NASA projects a space navigator with the precision of an atomic clock”

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Edition: Surprise pupils to combat prejudice about the game

Approach the door of a school at the time of departure and ask for Minecraft. Surely many of the students answer will look at you with bright eyes to confirm you that yes, they know the game. And they use it in class.

From November 1 and have available the final version of Minecraft Education Edition. After a summer period in beta, so you can use in class. We talked with two regular teachers Minecraft in the classroom to better understand what, how and why learning with Minecraft in class, as well as contributions from the educational version and the process involved in deciding to include it in the educational process with parents, students and other educational community very attentive.

Minecraft Education Edition

Even before Microsoft was done with him in 2014, the Minecraft phenomenon soon to leap – natural – to the classroom. Ease of use, attractive among students and amazing creative possibilities were used by a version called MinecraftEDU.

This version was created in 2011 by two teachers and a programmer. In 2016 it is expected that more than 15% of students in countries such as Australia resort to Minecraft in their educational process.

MinecraftEDU adapts the open Minecraft world to a safe environment, with easier management yet controlled, ready scenarios for specific activities and adapted for use in class.

From November 1 can be used in class Education Edition Minecraft licensed $5 per student, lasting for one year

Therefore logical that earlier this year also confirmed that Microsoft, very focused in education, moved tab regard. The giant behind Windows acquired MinecraftEDU to move to integrate it into its ecosystem under the name of Minecraft Education Edition.

Since yesterday this version is now available in more than 10 languages. You can play on computers with Windows 10 and OSX Captain by individual licenses priced at $ 5 per student per year. Continue reading “Minecraft Education Edition: Surprise pupils to combat prejudice about the game”

The top reasons to use recycled pallets

Wooden pallets are often necessary in the packing and shipping of goods, and the storage of those goods in warehouses. By re-using good quality pallets, businesses and transportation companies can reduce costs and also help to protect the environment.

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There are a number of powerful reasons for recycling used pallet racking. In general, recycling packaging is a good thing, and wooden pallets are no exception.

Reduce fuel usage

Wood has been a versatile source of fuel for centuries, as well as being used in many industries. By using recycled pallets, production demands for new pallets can be controlled, and this in turn saves oil. Lower oil consumption reduces the need for oil exploration and drilling. Thinking ahead, with less oil drilling, the potential risk of oil spillage that could damage the oceans and many kinds of natural habitat for birds and animals will be reduced. Making the most of energy sources at hand offers many benefits.

Decrease the need for landfill areas

By reusing those pallets, transferring them to landfill areas could be avoided. This is a good thing, as landfill areas can take up a huge amount of space and be extremely unattractive. The space could then be used for housing, parks or recreation areas.

Cut down on the need for logging

Reusing old wooden pallets means fewer new pallets, so fewer trees need to be cut down to produce new pallets. Saving trees has so many advantages, from protecting oxygen producing forests, to safeguarding areas where plants and animals reside. The world needs as many trees as possible, and deforestation is a huge problem in some parts of the world, leading to drought and erosion of soil.

There are some other suggestions for what to do with used wooden pallets in this report on recycling from The Guardian.

If you’re wondering about options for used pallet racking, it would be a good idea to consult experts, such as https://www.duffydiscount.com/racking.

By recycling used pallets, this benefits the environment in many ways. There are so many reasons why recycling pallets is a good idea, and many people overlook these. Economically it makes a lot of sense too, as using what you already have at hand is certainly cheaper than going out to source new materials. Additionally, the planet will thank you for your efforts.

The Future of Financial Services: Platformification?

As a generation, millennials tend to want everything instantly. Instant news, instant updates, instant coffee and instant answers to all our questions. Millennials walk around with faces in phones and tablets to discover the world rather than looking up at the world around them, so is it any wonder that there’s a new way to get financial advice? With banks turning more to self-service ATMs than actual humans behind the desk, we are all effectively welcoming our money being controlled by robots.

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Digital Financial Management

Financial management companies use many different back office systems for IFAs and these systems help us to understand how to manage our finances. Surveys up and down the country have shown that 67% of millennials prefer to receive financial advice on a digital platform, by using apps or inputting their details online as opposed to speaking to a bank manager in person. This means that the back office systems for IFAs need to be up to date and sharp to be able to interact with people today, and it seems that the wealthier the customer, the more they prefer to trust their money in the advice of a digital platform.

According to the MIT Sloan Management Review, customers are shying away from interacting with employees on the floor and increasingly prefer the convenience of self-service.. This means that digital based financial advice is more in demand than it used to be. In a world of convenience, it’s no wonder.


Most of the population carry, in some form, a smart phone or a tablet. To get the right reach to the market of millennials, you have to invest in ‘platformification’ – in other words, providing services via digital technology. Apps should be east to navigate and offer an instant service, without computer bugs that slow them down. These intelligent office systems have to work fast to be able to please the user, as slow apps are deleted quickly. As it stands, financial institutions are not using up to scratch apps, so they need to get this sorted if they expect to be able to reach Generation Y. Companies like https://www.intelliflo.com/ are there to help financial institutions develop the right software.

Ultimately, if companies want to do more for the newer generations, they need to have instant apps with instant results. Nothing less will do now.

Going Online for Spiritual Fulfillment and Prayer

Many people today choose not to attend brick and mortar church services but instead join in online church and prayer sessions. When you are not able or simply choose not to go to your local church, you can take part in a spiritual community and have people pray for you without any face to face interaction by attending services on the Internet. The website gives you details about sermons, lessons, prayers, and other spiritual resources that you would find in a mainstream church. You can log in and take part at your convenience without leaving your home. Continue reading “Going Online for Spiritual Fulfillment and Prayer”

Lara Croft

Twenty years of an icon named Lara Croft

It is famous worldwide for its archaeological forays, elegant acrobatics and art when beat a T-Rex to death. We speak of a British icon that has spent 20 years facing wolves, giant snakes and tops a little comfortable. Lara Croft is the most famous woman in the history of the game and, from the first Tomb Raider; his character has been the target of criticism and debate about its nature. As a tribute to his recently turned 20 years, we will review the different roles that had Lara, consciously or unconsciously, in our popular culture. Have you created such a school as indicated by their fame?

The pioneer

The first Tomb Raider from Core Design was a heats with more than 7.5 million copies sold. He was acclaimed for its unique range of exotic locales, intelligent puzzles, fluid controls and, uh, giant breasts. The star of the show was his enigmatic and athletic main character, which to the astonishment of many, was a woman.

Lara was not popular only in video games: it became a cultural icon. If there was a moment that marked his transition to general awareness, it was his appearance on the cover of the magazine The Face in June 1997. No mainstream magazine cover story had taken a character in the world of video games. He also shared space with another female culture banner of the moment: Gillian Anderson, Dana Scully X-Files

Tomb Raider triumphed deconstructing the industry standards. She demolished the figure of the damsel in distress expanding the range of female characters, although the rule that they must be objectified continues to sell this.

Heroes are traditionally male, with women stuck in a secondary role; and in this respect, Lara was news to the players. Wrote Nikki Douglas in 1999: “There was something refreshing to look at the screen and see myself as a woman. Even if he was making unrealistic missions, he still felt that was my behalf. In a game. How much have we expected to see this?” Continue reading “Twenty years of an icon named Lara Croft”


Those who do not want relationships

Some people say they do not want to have sex and it is absolutely true, what they want is to have everything that makes them live the illusion of having a partner but without really having it. They believe the pain of a breakup is in proportion to the degree of their relationship and why they have “no-boyfriends”, “friends with benefits”, “good friends”, “special people” or “it’s complicated” (this is the one I love, I childbirth every time I hear). But they do not want to have sex.

They want everything good that gives you a relationship without going through any of its other stages. Continually looking to connect with someone as if they were a wireless network, without going over is not going to be to become a real relationship and have to do something. They want to have a person beside awakening, they want someone who is there when needed, but without being trapped in a relationship (For some reason when they are in a relationship prisoners feel). Continue reading “Those who do not want relationships”


Seven beaches that we love and have no white sand ideal for winter getaways!

While half the world is almost head tucked in the winter, there are privileged areas where you can still enjoy the beach, the sun and the relaxation that can only be achieved with feet sunk in the white or golden sands. White or gold? Not always! A across the planet, we have met with sandy beaches all colors. Visual spectacles that we would love to escape the cold now that attacks us. Continue reading “Seven beaches that we love and have no white sand ideal for winter getaways!”