Where can I use laminate flooring most effectively in my home?

There has been a recent surge in popularity with laminate floors. This relatively new flooring type boasts many desirable properties along with stylish good looks. This combination is seeing more and more homeowners opting for laminate floors when it comes to fitting out their homes.


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With the look of traditional hardwood but without the care needed to keep it looking good that real wood requires, laminate flooring is a big hit in a variety of homes. From traditional cottages to contemporary glass-fronted apartments, a laminate floor produces the desired look and feel of wood, without the expensive price tag hardwood carries.

This flooring can be installed in any room in the home where there is not a lot of moisture. A utility room that often has dripping washing is probably not the best place to lay laminate floors, but everywhere else is. Perfect for a bedroom, hallway, living room and any other space you like, this versatile and affordable flooring type is a superb choice.

Laminate floor care

This flooring is simple to care for and clean. All you require is a damp mop or a dust mop to clean it with, and as per a wooden floor, you shouldn’t use too much water on it. Wet flooring will eventually warp so a light mopping or dusting will suffice to keep your laminate floors looking good. Ideal for pet friendly homes, as the laminate does not harbour dust mites or pet hair that carpet does, making it a perfect floor choice for allergy sufferers too – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/828622.stm.

Appearance of laminate floors

A laminate floor can imitate hardwood timber to such a degree that it can be hard to tell the difference once laid in a home. Available in a great variety of natural hardwood styles, colours and textures, laminate is hard to beat. The modern printing process can reproduce the appearance of natural floor types including ceramic and natural stone looks. They can even mimic the texture of these materials, creating whatever look you desire but at a lesser price than the natural materials would cost. Check out companies such as http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/laminate-flooring to see the variety of laminated flooring available.

The versatility, easy maintenance and reasonable price tag of laminate has made this not just a super material, but a fantastic choice for all household rooms.


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