Anxiety on the first date? Science can help

Is the anxiety you make it difficult when connecting with people you would like to spend more time? You may end up meeting someone but you are worried that your nerves they throw it all away. People with anxiety may be too hard on themselves, they tend to think that something bad will happen and usually feel judged for the rest.

Sometimes the mere thought of a social situation can cause panic attacks: surges of intense anxiety lasting a few minutes and make you feel as if you were to give a heart attack, could lose control or go crazy. In some social situations, those suffering from anxiety may feel short of breath and dizzy, sweating, flushing, tremors and stomach discomfort. There are many people with anxiety. In fact, one of every 14 people in the world suffers some anxiety attack at any time, women and teenagers being the most affected. However, it is possible to overcome anxiety and have a good quote and this is what scientists say about it. Continue reading “Anxiety on the first date? Science can help”

Read Faster

How to read faster and understanding what you read

Autumn is the time of the return to routine, to classes if we are still students no longer read for pleasure, but by obligation. And there, sometimes we would be like the robot ‘Short’ and read us three books in five minutes, but our brain does not work that way. Although he can be trained to read faster and to understand what they read, which is the great crux of the matter. Because reading very fast and not learn anything, in the end, it is as if we knew not read.

It is considered that the average read speed is between 200 and 300 words per minute, but for each individual may be different. Not only will depend on how accustomed we are to read, whether we do it in our mother tongue or another, whether the vocabulary used is familiar or unknown, whether around us there are external factors that distract us … also depend what our eyes are trained to read. Continue reading “How to read faster and understanding what you read”

Usability and User experience

Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?

Usability and user experience are two terms of those who have heard referring to the online navigation. But do you know its definition and the main differences between these concepts?

The official definition of usability that provides the international standard refers to the capacity of the software product to be understood, learned, used and appeals to the user, when used under certain conditions. Moreover, the standard defines the user experience as the result of perceptions and responses of a person by use and anticipated use of a product, system or service.

Explained more colloquially, the usability of a web or platform is measured by how easy and intuitive it is to handle, while the user experience spans more factors and goes a step further, referring to the user satisfaction before, during and after browsing a website.

If your users are able to easily navigate your site, your site has a good index of usability as it meets its functional purpose. Furthermore, if the experience is pleasant, comfortable and positive, we can talk about a positive user experience, supported by the web design and menu navigation. Continue reading “Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?”

Lack of sleep and bad break: Two factors that increase the risk of sports injuries

One of the three factors that form the “Golden Triangle fitness“, next to training and diet, is rest. Perhaps the most underrated of the three, especially in these years when it seems we have to do everything and do not have time for anything. “Hopefully , the days have 48 hours,” it is a common phrase and when we lack time to do everything we want, our rest is the first thing sacrificed.

You may not be aware of its importance: during sleep hours (between 7 and 8 are recommended, always depending on each person) our body goes into a process of “repair” necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In the case of athletes this rest period is even more important because it has been linked lack of sleep or a restful sleep with increased risk of sports injuries. Continue reading “Lack of sleep and bad break: Two factors that increase the risk of sports injuries”

What science says: gardening is good for you?

You may wonder what to do with that piece of land in the garden of your home. This week we asked our experts to tell us the science behind having a garden, so grab a shovel because there job for a while.

“Well says your worship” says Candide in the last line of Voltaire’s novel of the same name, “but we must work out our garden”.

Before becoming a professional gardener and horticulturist had to study this text in high school and my teacher taught us that the phrase had a more metaphorical than literal sense: it comes to search your vocation and not get down to work the land.

However, Voltaire himself who he believed that maintaining a garden was a good way to maintain sanity and combat stress : all this 300 years ago. It turns out that science says that Voltaire was right. Continue reading “What science says: gardening is good for you?”

Copying and pasting information on your website, why it is not a good idea?

Many websites retails, retail businesses, feed on products they buy from a wholesaler. In these cases the user shop selling street if you have a web page has to offer some relevant data on these products. Let’s see why it is not a good idea to copy and paste information directly to your web wholesale.

The first reason has to do with the aim to have the most Internet websites, to publicize the company and its products. It is therefore essential that the website has a good search engine rankings, do a good job of SEO for users to enter certain keywords get to our website. Continue reading “Copying and pasting information on your website, why it is not a good idea?”

How to change your bad habits

Each of us has a bad habit that is an obstacle to the development of our career.

You can question a few weak interpersonal skills, a tendency to procrastinate, limited technical skill, etc., ultimately, restrictions that limit our professional projection.

These limitations usually correspond to bad habits that cost let go but can be overcome with minor changes. Continue reading “How to change your bad habits”

How to make better decisions and faster

The overload of decision-making is a very common experience among area managers and managers in general.

However, you can process the different options in a way more efficient and achieve better results by using something as simple as a checklist. Continue reading “How to make better decisions and faster”

Do your peers earn more than you?

As a rule in business is saved the confidentiality regarding the remuneration of employees and collaborators.

However, sometimes the system fails or simply talks between companions the issue arises and rewards are known about and others.

If this is the case you get to know the rest of emoluments and discover that your colleagues are higher than yours, then, remunerations how would you act? Continue reading “Do your peers earn more than you?”

The hype as a marketing strategy for SMEs

The term hype, in the area of marketing, is a smart strategy to emphasize one thing , idea or product to users / customers feel the need to consume.

What company will come to mind? Hawkers and glasses without going any further. And the queen, of course, Apple. What is needed to make a product stand out from the rest? Convert the consumer in the best marketing tool. And prescribes thanks to the “law of contagion” equip themselves with an added value to the product. Continue reading “The hype as a marketing strategy for SMEs”